Rigid Optics Laboratory


We can repair the optics of any brand and model while maintaining the performance level of the equipment, thanks to our work, both in response times as well as the accuracy in the results.

We have high technical capacity and quality certification of specific scope for the repair of endoscopes.

We provide our clients with the necessary infrastructure. Since the last extension, the new facilities have the capacity to perform 640 rep/month of rigid and 48 rep/month of flexible endoscopes, and we intend to continue to grow together with our customers, to meet your demand at all times.


The repair process for optics is described below:
1.- Arrival of the defective optic.
2.- Sterilisation prior to the repair process.
3.- Opening of optic Removal of lens / inner tube (depending on the fault).
4.- Cleaning under a microscope.
5.- Replacing damaged parts.
6.- Sterilise the optic and detect any leaks.
7.- Laser welding.
8.- Quality control:

  • 8.1. Field of vision: degree of angulation
  • 8.2. Deviation of the field of vision
  • 8.3. Angle of vision: opening of the field of vision
  • 8.4. Resolution: Check the status of the optic fibre.
  • 8.5. Verification of leak tightness.

9.- Issue of report.

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