Flexible endoscope laboratory

We repair all kinds of tubes in order to offer our customers the possibility of obtaining the maximum performance of these devices, at the best quality-price ratio. We have an unprecedented work system, where each endoscope is assessed, repaired and then subjected to different quality controls, so that there is a record of all the work carried out.

The company has professionals who are properly qualified in the repair of flexible endoscopes which is evidenced by the professional experience and diplomas for the specific training.

BATEMED has agreements for the purchase of original material with foreign suppliers.

BATEMED S.L. has implemented an integrated Quality and Environment Management according to the UNE-EN-ISO 13485/9001/14001 and certified by the certification authority OCA cert CON n. 4703/13/0678 with certificates, 5200/13/5400/13/0677 and 0676 respectively, which guarantees the compliance of the repair and verification procedures for the work carried out to maintain the manufacturer's specifications.

The equipment is subjected to the following tests in order to ensure the operating of the equipment according to the manufacturer's specifications:

  1. Leaks:
  • Biopsy channel
  • Leak in the distal end rubber
  • Leak in insertion section
  • Leak in controls
  • Leak in light source connector
  • Micro switches
  1. Air/water system
  • Does not take in air
  • Does not take in water
  • Others
  1. Movements
  • Up, down, right, left
  • ailure in lifting claw for the biopsy (Duodenum)
  • Gaps in the controls
  • Brakes
  • Others
  1. Image
  • Lack of light/depth
  • Distortion of colours
  • Blurred image
  • Unstable image
  • Others

The repairs carried out by Batemed have certified quality and are accompanied by a technical report that verifies when the status of the endoscope offers the appropriate work values, taking the original capabilities as a reference.

Description of the types of repairs:

MINOR REPAIRS: includes controls, buttons, adjustments and also replacements of the distal end.

INTERMEDIATE REPAIRS: includes any change of channel/s for example biopsy, tensioners and also a change of light.

MAJOR REPAIRS: includes the replacement of the complete tube and all channels.

CAMERA REPLACEMENT: other interventions that may be required as well as the camera replacement are also covered in this type of repairs.

Our satisfied customers are the company’s best form of advertisement, which shows that actions speak louder than words.

Our responsibility is with the doctors and nurses, patients and those who have placed their trust in us and hope that we provide an excellent quality service, so that the endoscopy procedures they perform in their healthcare facility can be completed quickly, without any incidents and with an accurate diagnosis.

Our goal is to be your reference in the national market for the repair of flexible endoscopes. Our approach is to guide the customer, be rigorous and give the best of each of us.

Whatever your need, wherever you are - BATEMED S.L.- is with you to provide a quality service at truly affordable prices.

Thank you for your attention.