Batemed created its first laboratory to repair endoscopes in May 2010, in order to offer our customers the possibility of getting the most out of these devices.

We repair all kinds of surgical optics and flexible tubes, with an unprecedented working system, in which each endoscope is assessed, repaired and then subjected to different quality controls, so that there is a record of all the work carried out.

Each fault that we receive is treated in accordance with our quality procedure that consists of several steps; each step is meticulously carried out by highly qualified staff, with specific training for the management of our high-technology machinery, as this is the only way to achieve an excellent result.

This service is already meaning very significant savings in the budgets of both public and private hospitals and is revolutionising the way to take advantage of the equipment in our healthcare centres.

More than 300 customers already back our service with their confidence.


National activity:

Today we have more than 300 national customers who rely on our services.

Our clients include well-renowned private chains such as:

IDC Health Group, FREMAP, ASISA, VITHAS OR VIAMED, as well as various regional healthcare services, for example: AVS (Agencia Valenciana de Salud- Valencian Health Service), the SAS (Servicio Andaluz de Salud - Andalusian Health Service), the SES (Servicio Extremeño de Salud - Extremadura Health Service), SESCAM (Castilla la Mancha), SMS (Servicio Murciano de Salud - Murcia Health Service), ICS (Institut Catala de la Salut) etc...
Also major companies within the sector as for example IMTECH SPAIN and DOTACIONES MEDICAS CANARIAS, among others, which trust us.

Our satisfied customers are the company’s best form of advertisement, which shows that actions speak louder than words.

International activity:

From our laboratory we are doing jobs for Morocco. We have presence in London, and we collaborate with endoscopy laboratories in Latin America and provide services to Portugal.


1) Optimisation of the resources:

This measure reduces the number of substitutions considerably, thanks to our quality system that is unique in Spain, which allows to check up to when the optics can continue working at full capacity, postponing their replacement until it is really necessary.

2) Speed:

We are very close to you, our technicians receive the equipment and that same day so as to avoid any delay; once it is repaired it is returned to the hands of the hospital staff immediately. Everything is repaired in our laboratory, it is never sent to third parties.

With no interlude, no uncertainties, no intermediaries, all at once and with the pattern being identical in all hospitals, saving time and money.

3) Proven results:

With the peace of mind of using a service that has already been proven, that works, and is better every time. Ask our customers.

Firm commitment to efficiency


Committing to a park of top class optical brands, always using the best technology and avoiding lower-quality fittings, all the machinery is optimised with accessories that were designed specifically for it.

Investing in top class optical brands, your investment can be amortised with the help of the Batemed maintenance service.


Savings by reducing purchases, because this way purchases are only made when it is no longer possible to repair things, and 9 out of every 10 times they can be repaired, with a perfect result.

You can have an exact forecast of what you are going to spend on repairs, through a contract with us. The value for money of our offer extends beyond the repair itself, indirectly making the cost of the replacements less by allowing these lenses to last longer.

More use of optics, greater return on investment